Haven Azur offer the most effective medical grade bio disinfection solution for all surfaces and air decontamination.

This micro dispersed dry mist is lethal to viruses (including Covid 19 and Coronavirus), bacteria, yeast, spores & fungi. 

Our compact machines are ideal for the decontamination of all yachts, planes, villas, kitchens, venues and all businesses and are operated by our qualified engineers.



In just a few short hours, Haven Azur can mobilise a team to your site and complete the disinfection of your facility allowing you to return safely to the decontaminated space just one hour after disinfection is complete.

Our two-step method includes wiping clean with a virucide solution, high traffic areas and hand held electronics before diffusing our aerial dry mist disinfectant. This DSVA disinfection solution is used by the medical industry and in operating theatres. We provide full certification of decontamination after each procedure. 


The aerial disinfection ensures complete coverage, even unreachable areas and hidden surfaces, with our automated dispersion machines. 


Full room and air coverage ensure that walls, ceilings, floors, the insides and contents of your cupboards and drawers are all decontaminated with this process. This will also kill any unpleasant odours and leave spaces smelling fresh and clean.

The diffusion of fine dry mist particles ensures the disinfection of all hard surfaces while being non-corrosive to all materials including all textiles and electronics. Surfaces remain perfectly dry.



We use high quality disinfectant products made from sterilised hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and Silver.

Please note our products do not contain peracetic acid, are residue free, environmentally friendly and non-allergenic.

Products and machines comply with the AFNOR NF T 72 281 efficiency standard (November 2014) on disinfection processes by air spraying. and are registered at European level (with the ECHA– European Chemicals Agency. 



With 10 years experience in hazardous microbial decontamination, we have worked for large health establishments in the public and private sectors.

With the recent global pandemic, Haven Azur bring medical grade disinfection used in hospitals all over the country to you.



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